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DK7UY - QSL-Policy

This picture shows a half of the direct QSL´s of the 1989 DX-pedition to the South-Pacific.
It is only the part waiting allready for me at home when I returned after 6 weeks.
The average amount of cards per day in my postbox where 70 after 2 weeks on tour.
There were about 2500 QSL´s to answer direct, which took me about half a year of time.
The rest of 6000 cards which came via the buro had to wait this time before they were send out.

This was the last time I said "QSL via buro or direct" !!

In 1995, sending out all cards for D68UY, only via the buro, took with 7700 QSL´s about ONE month.

Please note that I will NOT send QSLs via the direct way any longer!

Today, with respect to our environment, I prefer QSL's via the electronic ways.

Every QSO-Data will be uploaded severel times a month to eQSL.cc and LotW.
To check if your QSO is in the log and already uploaded, just enter your callsign in the search field at the mainpage.

There is only one way to get a paper QSL for a QSO with me:

  • You may just download the QSL as a PDF-file and make a printout by yourself.

  • Special informations about 4UxITU and other guest operations.

    Every QSO at stations I was guest operator (4UxITU, EX9HQ, DK0BF etc.) was confirmed via the DARC bureau as soon as the operation ended.
    Please note, that it is not possible for me to upload these logs to eQSL.cc or LotW.
    In some cases (4UxITU) the station responsibles did not want that the logs will be available in eQSL.cc or LotW.

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